Sherpa mini-loader SHERPA


Sherpa (mini loaders) aims to continuously lead the market. Innovation is what it’s all about. They always focus on the combination of a technical product advantage and visual distinction; the product must visually reflect how tremendously good it is. For the restyle of the front hood of our mini loader, we put a designer to work to completely revise the existing design. We would like to introduce this designer to Phoenix 3D Metaal. If we involve you in the development and design process at an early stage, the less time and money we end up losing. Can you advise our designer during the development and creation of the design? Paying particular attention to the (technical) feasibility.

Our advice

Our engineers like the sound of Sherpa’s request. We prefer to be involved in the creation of a product at the earliest possible stage. Many of our engineers have a background in design and are therefore able to wear the advisor’s hat like no other. The advantages of the rubber press technology (design, cost-efficient and functional) are always leading – in combination with a focus on technical feasibility. Our simulation package is absolutely key during the development process. It helps us to quickly formulate a recommendation on the manufacturability and an optimal design. In view of Sherpa’s request, we are focusing on a product that is an absolute masterpiece, both technically and in terms of design. Ultimately, we arrived at ‘similar’ parts that we can produce from one tool.


Sherpa’s request is the example of a request where Phoenix 3D Metaal creates added value in the creation of a product in optimal form. In collaboration with Sherpa and the designer, we have come to a division of the front cover, so that we can work with one mould during production (for both the narrow and wide version). This will naturally reduce mould costs. In addition, we have ensured that the left and right parts are ‘mirror-symmetrical’. The result and advantage: a lower unit price because we can press two products at the same time, in addition to the aforementioned lower mould costs.