Skinning Machine Side Cover


The requirement

Cretel (based in Belgium), specialises in the production of machinery and equipment for the food industry, and in particular for the processing of meat. Cretel is known for its high-quality machines for cutting, portioning, packaging and labelling meat and other foods.

During the development phase of a new machine (for fish and meat skinning), a new design was also implemented. This new design, primarily for the covers on the side of the machine, meant that there had to be a deviation from the standard folds and welding on the covers. Deep drawing or rubber pad forming became the method of production.

Our advice

For this specific type of cover – in combination with the series size – it is more than worth investigating the use of the rubber pad forming technique. In view of the series production, it is wise to make a number of small adjustments to the design in order to increase the manufacturability of the covers.

The competitive advantage

The Cretel F360M features two robust side covers with a high-end look. The curves in particular combined with the clean finish were not feasible using conventional techniques (folding and welding). In addition, costs could also be saved by replacing multiple operations with one technique: rubber pad forming!

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