Phoenix 3D Metaal has made the rubber pad forming process accessible to the entire industry, while this was previously only reserved for aerospace companies. Three enormous powerhouses (3,500, 3,500 and 8,000 tons of pressing force) are used to make the most diverse products. Our presses are equipped with dual loading tables on which different products are placed at the same time, so that the load is always optimal.

A maximum press-dimension of 1,100 x 2,200mm enables us to manufacture substantial products without the enormous investment that this usually requires. We regularly press multiple products simultaneously in a single press to reduce the cost price even further. Our presses – like most presses – are simple in design, but over the years there has been substantial investment and innovation in control systems, hydraulics, and pheripherals. The rubber presses at Phoenix 3D Metaal can be justifiably referred to as state of the art.


rubber pad forming products as of

13 July 2024


2 x 3,500-ton presses

These ‘guys’ are good for forming an impressive 90 sheets an hour. With dual loading tables at the rubber presses, we produce with maximum efficiency.

1x pers 8.000 Ton (with robotization)

Our pride is our powerhouse. Good for 8,000 tons. For illustration purposes: these are 8,000 passenger cars stacked on top of each other with immense force. On this press, we therefore form the largest sheets into beautiful 3D finished products.

Maximum mould size 2,200 x 1,100 mm

Using our rubber presses we form sheets of up to 2,200 x 1,100mm

Hose reel for sewer cleaning equipment / high-pressure cleaning hose

Rioned was looking for a new – durable – hose reel model. We decided to adjust the shape of the existing model to improve the absorption of vibrations. We created extra rigidity by adding multiple reinforcement grooves, which made the product easier to press and therefore also more rigid. In addition, we used ordinary steel for longer life instead of the cast steel used for the current model. The new hose reel model was produced at a more competitive price than the old one.

“The rubber press technology gives us the ability to develop products with an extremely high degree of rigidity combined with the intended design. This is really enormously important to be able to deliver high-quality products.”

– Jacques Gramser (Director/Partner GBO) –