Environmental Responsibility

We are ambitious at Phoenix 3D Metaal, also in the area of sustainability. That is why we have also formulated an ambitious goal. We are still considering precisely how we are going to achieve it. But with our well-known decisiveness and short lines, we are absolutely convinced that we will be successful.

For example, we have already significantly reduced our CO2 footprint in recent years. This is an extraordinary accomplishment because the volume of output from our factory has increased sharply. In concrete terms: in 2018, our footprint (scope 1&2) was 691 tons of CO2 and in 2023 this was reduced to 343 tons of CO2. A fantastic result, which is mainly thanks to continuous investments in our modern and increasingly energy-efficient machinery. At the same time, we realise that we are not there yet. Because after a saving of 50%, there is still ‘a lot more’ to go. We are also aware that sustainability consists of more than the consumption of electricity, gas, and transport.

That’s why we’re developing the Phoenix Sustainability programme. A programme in which we describe what our sub-goals and short-term actions look like. Together, we are moving towards a cleaner world, onwards and upwards to 90% CO2 reduction by 2028!

90% reduction of our CO2 footprint in 2028 (as opposed to 2018)

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